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 “A delightful fantasy, quickly grabs the readers’ attention and draws them into the exciting realm of Asterdon...Slack has the wonderful ability to transport a reader from the comfort of their recliner to a foreign environment using only words."     Debra E., author 

 "Just snuggled up under a blanket with a good cup of tea: could not put it down. " Amazon Reader

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Cat Tracker Journal

Keep track of your cat's records and much more.

Keep track of all the fun things that happen each year in your cats life with photos, birth records, and favorite toys. Also those not so fun times, like vet checks and illnesses and treatments. And oh so much more!

Horse Tracker Journal

Horse Tracker Journal

Keep track of your horse records, vet checks, awards, photos, and much, much more. Have fun with your friends comparing your Trackers!

Chicken Tracker Journal

Chicken Tracker Journal

Chickens are fun to raise and keeping records for them can be even more fun with a tracker journal. Write down their breed and birth, track their egg counts, keep photos, and more.

Goat Tracker Journal

Goat Tracker Journal

One of the best selling Tracker Journals! Great to keep your records, photos, awards, and more for 4H, FFA, or just for your backyard milk goat.

Pet Sitter Tracker Journal

Pet Sitter Tracker Journal

A must have for both the pet sitter and the pet owner! Don't rely on verbal instructions or lose sheets of papers when you can keep it all in one place. Like important phone numbers, feeding instructions, and more.

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About S A Slack

My background

Born in Arizona, author S A Slack, has lived in many of the western United States which has led to her love of nature, Native American jewelry, mountains, and citrus fruits. She can't imagine living here and not appreciating such things. Plus there’s nothing like biting into a slice of a freshly peeled navel orange!

Her parents taught she and her siblings the value of hard work, honesty, importance of family, and aspiring to whatever they wanted to accomplish in life. S A Slack tries to live up to these ideals in everything she does, including her writing as an author.

My writing roots

Writing has always been a big part of my life. I began writing stories and poems ever since I learned how to form letters with one of those big, fat yellow pencils on the large-lined paper in grade school.  In Junior High, I pounded away on my Dad’s old typewriter to make the stories more ‘official looking’…more like the books I loved to read. And in High School, I took creative writing and journalism classes and flourished in them, with my teachers urging me to pursue a career in writing. And though I continued to write, my love of nature and animals led me to major in forestry in college, with a minor in writing. 

Marrying the love of my life, and with children coming along, I never stopped writing: newsletters for my church groups, brochures for small businesses, news stories for local papers, magazine articles, bringing my family’s history to life, and stories to entertain my children.

It wasn't until my children were teenagers, that I decided to take the leap and write full-length books. My first was a children's book, "Pictures in the Paint." The illustrations were provided by two of my children and it was fun to see it in print! This paved the way for my mystery and fantasy novels.

My Interests

Besides writing, I love to read, paint landscapes, be out in nature, hike with my husband and dog, travel, garden, geocache, go camping, work jigsaw puzzles, and get together with family and friends.


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