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S. A. Slack

S. A. Slack

I'm a writer of mysteries, fantasy, and children's books. I reside in the city of the famed Alamo and River Walk, San Antonio, Texas. I'm currently working on a YA fantasy set in a world of unique magic.

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SHADOWED IN THE SPRINGS, I have read a lot of mystery over the years and S A Slack is right up there in style, story-line, and yes, keeping you guessing. -- An Intrigued Critic
“VYOLET, WITH A “Y”, a delightful fantasy, quickly grabs the readers’ attention and draws them into the exciting realm of Asterdon...Slack has the wonderful ability to transport a reader from the comfort of their recliner to a foreign environment using only words. Debra E., published author

ABCs of English: Why You Need an Editor


What’s with editors anyway? Why does a “real” writer need an editor? Surely any writer worth his or her salt knows how to spell, punctuate, and write an engaging sentence! Besides, editors just want to change your writing and make you sound like everyone else out there. They are so full of themselves, thinking they know everything about English and writing–darn grammar nazis! The writer is the one who knows the book the best, not some stranger!

Want to know a secret? I’m not just an editor, I’m also a writer. And I am definitely one of the most protective, overbearing people ever when it comes to my work. After all, I’m an excellent editor, and I’ve been told I’m not half bad at writing either. So not only should I be able to create it, I should be able to edit it until it is perfect, right?

I like… Continue reading

Poetry Month-If I Could Touch The Stars by S A Slack



If I Could Touch the Stars by S A Slack


If I could touch the stars,

I would take a bite from the Milky Way,

And wash it down with water from the Big Dipper.

If I could touch the stars,

I would wear Orion’s Belt around my waist,

And ride on Sagittarius as he galloped the night sky.

If I could touch the stars,

I would dodge the stinging barb of Scorpio’s tail,

And steer clear of the snapping, pinching claws of Cancer.

If I could touch the stars,

I would swim the night seas with Pisces,

And gather wool for sweaters from the great ram, Aries.

If I could touch the stars,

I would tame Leo, fierce king of beasts,

And wave my red scarf in front of Taurus’ horns.

I could touch the stars if,

I had daddy lift me on his strong shoulders,

And… Continue reading

Author Promotion: Laura Johnston – Rewind to You


Cover Reveal, About the Author, a Sneak Peek of REWIND TO YOU and Rafflecopter Giveaway

Genre: Clean Contemporary YA Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2014; Available for PREORDER now

One last summer before college on beautiful Tybee Island is supposed to help Sienna forget. But how can she?

This is where her family spent every summer before everything changed, before the world as she knew it was ripped away.

But the past isn’t easily left behind. Especially when Sienna keeps having episodes that take her back to the night she wants to forget. Even when she meets the mysterious Austin Dobbs, the guy with the intense blue eyes, athlete’s body, and weakness for pralines who scooped her out of trouble when she blacked out on River Street.

When she’s… Continue reading

More Stormy to Come!


To all of you that have been asking for the next Stormy Winters Mystery, I want you to know that I haven’t given up on it. I have planned out several more books in the series. In fact, Stormy has been putting pressure on me to tell of her adventure on Oahu and the pineapple fields for some time now.

I’ve not finished it yet due to two main things: I’m working hard on finishing my fantasy trio “Unicorns and Orchids” featuring Vyolet and Jontur. And two, the amount of increased care my elderly parents have needed with their medical problems. Stormy is a little put out by Vyolet taking center stage at the moment, but will try to wait her turn.

Visit Stormy at www.saslack.com


ABCs of English: Characterization–Upspeak


Upspeak, also known as high rising terminal, is a feature of some English accents where statements have a rising intonation pattern in their final syllables.

Have you ever met someone who constantly ended every sentence with a question mark, even if what he–or more likely, she–said was not a question? Maybe you thought of her as a ditz, an airhead, or labelled her a Valley Girl. But did you ever wonder why she spoke that way?

S.A. Slack brought regional accents up to me the other day as we were discussing characters, and we paused to discuss upspeak in more depth. Many people find this manner of speech annoying and can’t help but immediately pass judgment on the speaker. However, isn’t this true of accents in general? Think of a heavy drawl from one of our southern states, or of talking with someone from London, England; speech patterns… Continue reading

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