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S. A. Slack

S. A. Slack

I'm a writer of mysteries, fantasy, and children's books. I reside in the city of the famed Alamo and River Walk, San Antonio, Texas. I'm currently working on a YA fantasy set in a world of unique magic.

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I have read a lot of mystery over the years and S A Slack is right up there in style, story-line, and yes, keeping you guessing. -- An Intrigued Critic

Dorine White’s New YA Fantasy, The Awakening


The Awakening by Dorine White

Nightmares really do come true, and for fifteen-year-old Kyler Birkwood, they are just beginning. Raised on a farm by his Aunt Martha, Kyler has no clue about the magical heritage swimming through his blood. When he discovers evidence of a mythical creature, a terrifying beast thought only to exist in fairy tales, his safe world shatters.

Left at a school of magic to hunt for clues, he is overwhelmed and disbelieved. As loved ones begin disappearing and Orcs roam the land, Kyler must undergo a journey that takes him from the High Courts of the King to the unknown forests of the East. His magic just awakening, Kyler is the lone hope for a world that will not listen.

Dorine White is a very entertaining author of several books for youth. Her current book, The Awakening, is soon to be released–December 2, 2014. Check it out on Amazon and… Continue reading

Gone for a Soldier by Marsha Ward

Gone for a Soldier by Marsha Ward

Gone for a Soldier
by Marsha Ward

Marsha Ward weaves a compelling story, one worth reading. I’ve read and enjoyed all of her books in this series. Gone for a Soldier is a prequel to the other four. I would recommend reading it first as it gives us a history, and an even better insight, to the characters than we had before.


Rulon Owen loves two things more than life—his country and Mary Hilbrands.
When Virginia secedes from the Union, Rulon enlists, and finds himself
fighting foes both in battle and in his own camp. He struggles to stay
alive against all odds, with a knife-wielding tent-mate and a Union
army that seems impossible to defeat. It will take every ounce of
vigilance he has to survive and, with a little luck, he might make it
home to his wife and the son he’s never… Continue reading

Put Patriotism in Your Life—Be Thankful, Not Embarrassed

Major Lawrence E. Clark, Jr.

Major Lawrence E. Clark, Jr.

Many of us in this country have forgotten what being “free” really means in our day to day lives. We go about each day expecting our “rights” to be there for whatever it is we want to do or say, to go here or there without question. Do we stop to think that not all people in this world can do the same things as we can? Be as “free” as we are?

I come from a family filled with military service, representing all the branches we have: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, including Civil Service. They have been in most all of the wars our country has been involved in, putting their lives on the line in the name of “Freedom.”

My father was one of those. He started his service to his country as a youth in a local scout… Continue reading

ABCs of English: Why You Need an Editor


What’s with editors anyway? Why does a “real” writer need an editor? Surely any writer worth his or her salt knows how to spell, punctuate, and write an engaging sentence! Besides, editors just want to change your writing and make you sound like everyone else out there. They are so full of themselves, thinking they know everything about English and writing–darn grammar nazis! The writer is the one who knows the book the best, not some stranger!

Want to know a secret? I’m not just an editor, I’m also a writer. And I am definitely one of the most protective, overbearing people ever when it comes to my work. After all, I’m an excellent editor, and I’ve been told I’m not half bad at writing either. So not only should I be able to create it, I should be able to edit it until it is perfect, right?

I like… Continue reading

Poetry Month-If I Could Touch The Stars by S A Slack



If I Could Touch the Stars by S A Slack


If I could touch the stars,

I would take a bite from the Milky Way,

And wash it down with water from the Big Dipper.

If I could touch the stars,

I would wear Orion’s Belt around my waist,

And ride on Sagittarius as he galloped the night sky.

If I could touch the stars,

I would dodge the stinging barb of Scorpio’s tail,

And steer clear of the snapping, pinching claws of Cancer.

If I could touch the stars,

I would swim the night seas with Pisces,

And gather wool for sweaters from the great ram, Aries.

If I could touch the stars,

I would tame Leo, fierce king of beasts,

And wave my red scarf in front of Taurus’ horns.

I could touch the stars if,

I had daddy lift me on his strong shoulders,

And… Continue reading

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