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S. A. Slack

S. A. Slack

I'm a writer of mysteries, fantasy, and children's books. I reside in the city of the famed Alamo and River Walk, San Antonio, Texas. I'm currently working on a YA fantasy set in a world of unique magic.

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SHADOWED IN THE SPRINGS, I have read a lot of mystery over the years and S A Slack is right up there in style, story-line, and yes, keeping you guessing. -- An Intrigued Critic
“VYOLET, WITH A “Y”, a delightful fantasy, quickly grabs the readers’ attention and draws them into the exciting realm of Asterdon...Slack has the wonderful ability to transport a reader from the comfort of their recliner to a foreign environment using only words. Debra E., published author

Shadowed In The Springs; Stormy Winters Mysteries


Colorado Springs, Colorado, home of the famed Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods! And home to the prestigious Air Force Academy where Stormy Winters favorite niece, Ann, is a cadet, soon to graduate.  Stormy, along with her husband, Lance, visit the Springs to see the sites with their niece before she is sent off to her first assignment. Wanting to make a withdrawal before attending the famed Army-Air Force football game, Stormy heads to a local downtown bank near her hotel. Things quickly change when she steps in on a robbery in progress and unwittingly finds herself drawn into the dark world of the terrorist. Stormy will find herself not only fighting for her own life, but of those she loves.

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